15 Aug Chapter 14: Beach

Laik and I step off the train and the warm ocean breeze hits us. We’re at the coast for a week-long chemical industry conference. I’m the closing speaker and Laik is part of a planning workgroup. I only really need to attend the last day but when I found out the conference was being held at a beach resort this year, I decided to turn it into a vacation. Plus Laik said there might be a ‘project’ here (he wouldn’t say any more than that), so I was too intrigued not to go (and he’s too cute to strangle to get the secret out of him).


We check in and go up to our respective rooms. A lovely view of the ocean greets me through floor-to-ceiling glass. I throw all my stuff on the big bed and decide to walk down to the beach.

There are a few clumps of people on the huge expanse of mostly deserted sand. I hold my shoes and walk along the beach and over a bridge past a commercial stretch. I can see from here that the whole inland area is criss-crossed with scenic canals lined with private boat docks. It’s late enough in the day that the sun is low in the sky, so I don’t get roasted.

I settle in on the sand and watch the waves. I have to admit this is pretty nice, I understand why people would want to live here. I think I would miss the excitement of the city though.

An attractive woman in her early twenties wearing a bikini gets up and walks over to me.

“Hi, my name is Jalea.” She puts out her hand.

“Cevs.” We shake.

She looks back behind her. “That’s Gavs.” I follow the direction of her gaze and see a man with a really nice ass lying on his stomach reading a book. Then she asks, “Are you trans?”

Well, that’s a little forward. “No, I’m intersex.”

“Oh, that’s a new one for me. Are you into girls, guys or both?”

Okay, this is getting strange. “That’s a little personal, don’t you think?”

She looks confused, then laughs. “Oh, I’m sorry. You must not know what part of the beach this is.”

Now I’m confused. “What?”

“This is the singles spot.” She looks up and down the sandy stretch. “You know, where people go to hook up. It’s not marked or anything but it’s in all the guidebooks.”

I turn red. Maybe it’s time I buy a guidebook.

She smiles. “Don’t worry about it. Let’s start over—are you free for dinner tonight? Gavs and I have a reservation for two at the hotel restaurant but I’m sure we can change it to three.”

“Sure,” I respond.

“Marvelous. Reservation’s at eight.” My gaze slides down her body to her rear as she walks back towards the ocean. It looks like I might not have to worry about getting bored on this trip.

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