08 Aug Chapter 21: Forever

Another day of the conference has come and gone and this time Laik is unsuccessful in getting me to attend any of the sessions. I have dinner with him though, and then return to my hotel room. A message has been slipped under the door—it’s from the detective corporal. She says she’s okay but has no updates on Lissie. Well that’s a partial relief I guess.


After I shower I wrap a towel around myself and swing out the little bar lock so my hotel room door can’t completely close. Gavs and Jalea arrive a few minutes later and let themselves in. We kiss hello. Gavs starts unbuttoning his shirt. Jalea sits on the bed.

Last time we had sex they were so gracious, so open to me and my unusualness that I want to do something special for them. I announce, “Let’s change it up this time. How about this: I’ll make all the decisions, and I’ll start with each of you telling me something that really turns you on, but that the other doesn’t know about.”

Gavs stops opening his shirt. “I’m liking this already.”

I go over to him and he whispers in my ear. I then ask Jalea and she thinks for a second before doing the same.

I move over to the dresser. “Gavs, take all your clothes off. Jalea, just watch for now.” I open a drawer and take out a long silk scarf. Gavs is naked by the time I walk over to the desk where he’s standing. I maneuver myself behind him.

“Gavs, bend over and spread your legs.”

He does as I ask and says, “This is getting better by the second.”

I grab his balls and pull them towards me. I tie one end of the scarf tightly around them, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation. Gavs moans loudly.

Jalea looks surprised. “Nice. You like that?”

He nods yes.

I tie the other end of the scarf to the desk leg. “You can stand up now but don’t touch the scarf.”

I walk over to the bed and Gavs moves to follow me. He stops short when his balls are jerked backwards by the scarf. He moans again and turns his head to see what the scarf is attached to. He turns back towards us and a big smile appears on his face.

“Jalea, stand up.” She rises off the bed. She’s wearing a blouse that zips up the back, so I move behind her and pull the zipper down slowly—so slowly that I can distinctly hear each zipper tooth detach from its twin. I’m watching Gavs as I’m doing this; he can’t take his eyes of Jalea.

When I finally have the zipper completely unzipped, I stand in front of Jalea and slowly pull her blouse off. The edge of the fabric flutters over the goose bumps that have cropped up on her arm. She’s not wearing a bra.

I kneel down and take hold of her skirt. I pull it down slowly, reveling in how it stretches to slide over her hips. I look at Gavs, he’s practically panting by now. With the skirt in a pool on the floor, I do the same movement with her G-string.

“Jalea, lay in the middle of the bed on your back.” She falls back on the duvet and I walk over and untie the scarf from the desk. I whisper to Gavs and we both head over to the bed. I drop the towel wrapped around me on the way there. The scarf trails behind Gavs from between his legs.

I get on the right side of the bed, Gavs the left. I kneel down over Jalea and lightly touch the tip of my tongue to one of her nipples, then pull away. Gavs follows my lead and does the same. She moans and squirms around on the duvet. I repeat the motion but leave my tongue on her a little longer this time. Soon Gavs and I are licking her nipples, then kissing them, then sucking on them. Jalea yelps and pushes her ass deep into the mattress.

I take Gavs’ hand and place it between her thighs. He gets the idea and starts pleasuring her. Still sucking on her nipple, I reach down and begin to massage her clit. This elicits an extra-long moan from Jalea. She feels around for the scarf and pulls on it. Gavs emits a muffled grunt.

Jalea softly slides her other hand up the inside of my leg as far as it will go. I spread my knees apart to give her access. She finds just the right spot and works it, gently at first and then harder. I feel lightheaded and am finding it hard to breath through my nose, but I don’t stop sucking on her nipple and don’t want her to stop what she’s doing. In fact it would be okay if this went on forever.

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