21 Jul Chapter 36: Something

They didn’t chain me to the wall today.

I’ve figured out a few different ways to pass the time. I try to think of all the words I can that start with a certain letter, or see how accurately I can remember various songs (the hit ‘No Decisions To Make Today’ being a personal favorite). I also imagine in graphic detail all the diabolical things I would do to Trenauk if our places were switched.


What I try not to think about is my life back home, my friends… It’s just too depressing.

I pull all the stuff out of my pockets and look at it for the hundredth time. I hold up my Bavul VIP card and remember back to when it arrived in the mail, how excited I was, ripping open the envelope—

NO. No way. No fucking way. There is no possible way it could work. Could it?

An idea, a crazy-apeshit-bonkers idea just popped in my head. The brochure that came with the Bavul card said something about how the card can track your location. Ignoring obvious privacy concerns, the idea is if you’re late for a shuttle they will know how close you are to the terminal and can hold your flight for you. If that’s the case, then there must be some visual way they see where you are on a map. And if that’s the case, then someone might be watching a dot on a map that represents my Bavul card.

What if I traced out letters by walking around the room? I could follow the outline of each letter with my steps, letter by letter, and spell out a message. More than one message. Hundreds of messages. Maybe if I did it for long enough the strangeness of what my dot is doing might get noticed.

But would anyone be looking? I did miss my return shuttle on Sojybri, but that was days ago. And if the barge disaster was bad enough a lot of other people probably missed theirs too.

And what about the accuracy of the tracking technology? Is this room big enough to trace out a legible letter? Will the signal make it through the walls? We could be deep underground for all I know.

I turn the card around in my fingers. It’s pretty thin but it does have a weight to it, and it won’t flex in the slightest. I decide this idea is too crazy not to do. And it’s a time waster as well being a good source of exercise!

I put the Bavul card in my pocket and start walking out letters. I try to make them as big as possible in case that helps. I walk out messages like ‘OLIOT USING BAVUL SHUTTLES TO INVADE THREA,’ ‘BAVUL TRAITORS ARE OLIOT MISSIONARY CONVERTS’ and ‘TELL MIZEM CEVS IS STILL ALIVE.’

I quickly figure out how to end one letter and start the next with a minimum of extra walking, since that might confuse whoever finds the strange pattern. It’s actually kind of fun, thinking up new messages and planning out the best way to create the letter outlines.

Hours pass as I trace out message after message. I imagine there’s only a tiny chance this will work, but at least it feels like I’m doing something.

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  • Raven
    Posted at 07:35h, 16 October Reply

    Doublecheck the 3rd paragraph, please. (Starts with lowercase “t”.)

    • Josh
      Posted at 08:11h, 16 October Reply

      Oops! Thanks for catching that!

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