13 Aug Chapter 16: Nervous

They were right, that restaurant was good. We share a dessert between the three of us and then settle up the check.

In the hallway leading to my hotel room Gavs has his hand on my ass even before I get the door open. I twist around and kiss him. We enter and I let them know I need to use the bathroom.


It’s been a while since I’ve had sex with anyone and I’m a bit nervous. Although it might not seem like it, I can be kind of shy about meeting people and feeling comfortable with folks I’ve just met. I have to say that Jalea and Gavs have been very good at putting me at ease though, which is helping.

When I leave the bath Jalea already has all her clothes off and is sitting near the edge of the bed. I walk up to her until I’m standing over her, our shins touch. I bend over to kiss her and she leans in to return the kiss. Gavs pulls his T-shirt off in one motion and walks up behind me. He reaches around my chest and starts slowly unbuttoning my shirt. His crotch is pushing into my ass, I can feel his erection through the fabric.

I hold myself up with one hand as I touch Jalea’s breast with the other. My fingertips run along the fold of skin where the underside of her breast meets her ribs. I’m still kissing her. Gavs has my shirt unbuttoned and has moved on to my jeans. He unzips me and carefully pulls my jeans and underwear down past my hips.

He grabs my torso and spins me around so I’m facing him. I fall backwards onto the bed—my upper body is now cradled between Jalea’s thighs. She starts caressing my head and slides her hand along the back of my neck under my shirt collar. Gavs pulls my underwear down to my ankles. He kneels down in front of me and gently pushes my legs apart.

The moment of truth—I never know how people will react when they see me completely naked. Sometimes they give the impression they’d be cool with anything but when they get their first real look…

Gavs slides his hands along my thighs towards my crotch. He uses his finger to trace along the outline of my unusual genitalia. He looks fascinated. He’s using both hands now, he’s massaging, he’s lightly probing me with one finger, then two. I let out a moan and my back arcs.

I was bracing for the worst so it takes a while for it to hit me but… he actually seems OK with my funky privates. In fact, as far as I can tell he’s really into them. I feel euphoric. I let all my first-time-sex-with-a-new-person worries drain down through my feet into the soft carpet.

I reach up to touch his cheek and he gently grasps both of my wrists and moves my arms up and over my head. Jalea then takes my hands and pulls them up towards her mouth. She starts sucking on my fingers. Gavs returns to what he was doing, but now he’s using his tongue.

This combination of elements is pure magic because minutes later I’m getting close and my body is shaking involuntarily. Gavs figures out exactly how to push me over the edge by adjusting his technique based on the intensity of my moans. I want to hold out longer but I can’t stop myself—my orgasm is so intense it’s almost painful.

After I recover I lift my head and see Gavs staring at me, smiling. I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out. His eyes are glimmering—I think he understands what’s just happened here. I finally come down enough to say, “Who’s next?”

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